30 Burl: Auld Lang Syne

And finally, a song for New Year’s Eve.   Burl actually performed a New Year’s Eve show in San Francisco — crossing over from 2000, to 2002 — in Miss Max Whitney’s basement near the Pacific Ocean.

Look!  Proof!

I don’t remember all of the songs we played, except for a well-played, terribly sung cover of “Hit Me With Your Best Shot”, and a accidental sing-along of “The Rose”.

Turns out that every woman in North America sung that song in 8th Grade choir, and still knows the words.  (As explained to me by Terri Senft, later.)

“Auld Lang Syne” was one of the songs we practiced, I know, but only to play on the beach later with acoustic guitars.  I had been singing in my car for two years at that point, which did not have the same volume restrictions as NYC apartments.  Turns out my voice is more reliably on key when I belt it out.  However, belting it out next to Spingo’s ears in the living room annoyed the living hell out of him.

Poor bastard.  I would have thought he was used to my voice violating his ears at that point, but I guess human beings can recover from just about anything.

Hope y’all can recover from 30 Burl.

Auld Lang Syne

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