30 Burl: We Three Kings

As a concept band, Burl quickly discovered the benefits of guest artists.  When you have talented friends, including their work next to yours makes you look smart, if nothing else.

Here’s one by Clive “The Robot” Thompson, whom I would later collaborate with on a different project, the Greencard Cowboys.  Clive’s day job is as award-winning technology journalist.  But when he first got out of college in Toronto, so the story goes, he paid a lot of his rent by playing guitar constantly at various gigs all around the city.

He primarily plays guitar, but can also program drums, play bass, a bit of keyboard, and a killer harmonica.  Once I saw Clive teach himself banjo in a day, well enough to record a song with me in the evening.  So he’s a prodigy, the bastard.

Here he is making pretty instrumental Xmas music, like a prodigy should.

We Three Kings

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