30 Burl: Jingle Tard

During the production of Jingle Bell Jar, Spingo and Mark were playing in SF, in their band Lakeside Rebar.  (Good band, maybe Mark or Spingo will upload some tracks in the new year.)

Unlike previous years, when I flew into NYC to record at Spingo’s Palace on West 13th  St., I wasn’t going to be able to make it out to SF to record.  I forget why.  Probably money, or time, or work or some damn thing that seemed important at the time.

So, instead, Lakeside Rebar took on five different band personas, including their own, and knocked out 5 different version of Jingle Bells.  And I choose to believe that all of these were actually live in one take.

First one down the pike is by Bakesale Retard.  Please ensure that you turn it up for maximum holiday enjoyment.

Jingle Retard

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