30 Burl: Deck the Halls

This one had a strange career.  Obviously, it’s one of our more listenable ones, because it’s straight forward chunky guitar rock, the three of us are singing along in reasonable tune, and it has a nice silly ending.  We weren’t trying to creep you out particularly.

The thing is, it’s also the simplest ones we ever did, and if they were so inclined, folks could even sing along to it.  So it got picked up for other circumstances.

Like: It appeared on an album put out by Leapnet, my old agency in Chicago, which had Xmas cuts from various employees.

Like: It got used as a soundtrack for an insane Flash movie by some German guy.  I have the .exe file somewhere, and will upload it later for folks to download.  Might even see if I can convert it into a Flash file than can be viewed online without downloading.

SONG:  Deck the Halls

As always, recorded live in one take.

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