30 Burl: Jingle Thud

And my final post of the night:  a never-before heard Burl Xmas tune.

Or lightly-heard, at best.

The 2000 effort, Jingle Bell Jar, was a mind killer, as Frank Herbert would have put it.

I’ll maybe post later about the Album That Killed Burl, but essentially we moved on after this album.  As a result, we didn’t push out many of the songs, or make many CDs.  I think I uploaded this song to the website absolute last of the bunch. It was also the second to the last Xmas song I recorded for Burl, and the last one was never put to a project.

Jingle Thud fits into a consistent pattern of crunchy songs which sound they’re sung like an insane madman.  More of those to come.

SONG:  Jingle Thud

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