30 Burl: “Fluffy Christmas for Cuddles”

Here’s all you need to know.  1998’s “Have a Burly, Burly Xmas”  had 7 songs, and then a 5 song EP.

I think that means we dropped the first 7 MP3s on a cassette tape, and then had the other 5 for download.

The 5 song EP was called “Bad Touch Xmas”, and no song on it was more horrifying than “Fluffy Christmas for Cuddles”.

I blame Bill Braine, the evil genius behind it.

SONG:  Fluffy Christmas for Cuddles

Original Liner Notes:

A Fluffy Christmas for Cuddles
Vocal: Bill Braine
Background vocals: Amy Larimer & Susannah Keagle
Strings Arranged by Mark
And after, we had pasta.


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