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"Time's Fool"
Thriller Plot

Gib is an undercover FBI agent in San Francisco, investigating a group of poseur eco-terrorists called Green Rage. (Ethan Garrity, Frank Marion, Stanley "Campy" Campanella) While Gib discovers Green Rage to be all talk, no action, he still presents them as a danger to his FBI bosses, because he is enjoying his slacker lifestyle in SF. This includes sleeping with his direct supervisor, Jan Reuben.

Eventually, Gib grows to value his SF life, as he lives his cover story of being a writer. He gets involved in a new media startup, Black Helicopter Productions (it's 1996, after all, when the novel takes place). His boss, Sidney Pinkwater, gives Gib the chance to develop his talents, and Gib becomes an actual part of the SF new media community, even as his old self is still writing fake reports to his FBI bosses.

In addition, Gib find the first woman he has ever really wanted to seduce beyond all rejection: Ruth Radley, manager of The Space, the club owned by Ethan Garrity. The fact that he is is no way in control of the relationship at first is what makes him come to value it, and becomes something he knows he can't walk away from, no matter what the FBI requires.

In fact, realizes the fake life he's created is better, more "real", and more valuable, than the life he has as an FBI agent. This leads him to frustration with the all-talk aspects of Green Rage. During a frivolous trip to las Vegas and Southern California, Gib challenges Green Rage to DO something. Something significant. Not just more superficial actions for the media.

When they turn the challenge back to him, Gib initiates a plan to blow up the access to Devil's Arroyo, a controversial nuclear power plant.

When his FBI bosses find out about the plan, they assist Gib in planning the terrorist act, including supplying explosives. Because Bob Maynard, Gib's overall supervisor, has a tragic history with Berkeley terrorists. And the arrest of Green Rage will be the culminating act of his thirty year career with the FBI.

Things spin out of control from that point, with many actors in this drama revealing more understanding of Gib than he knew he had. In other words, complications ensue.

A final violent confrontation takes place in the woods around Devil's Arroyo, with revelations and confrontations. People die.

An ironic epilogue follows, showing what Gib has learned about lies and punishment.



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