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    ...Thursday, September 14, 2000...
    ...posted at 01:10:45 AM...

     Max Whitney
    When she burst upon the scene, Max Whitney was described by the AP as "one to watch out for." Little did they know that her crimes against nature and physics would cause uproars across the ultraviolet spectrum, crimes only visible using classified military technology. Irony such as this keeps metro columnists in business.
     Morgan Noel
    It was his ears, they all said. Some could spot danger, solme could smell it, but no one could hear it like Morgan Noel could. When they came storming through the woods, his cabin would be empty, with only the faintest trace that he had ever lived there remaining. A missing sock, a disposable contact lens. No more. No more.
    Portraits by Charles Willson Peale
    Independence National Historic Park, Philadelphia

    But Perhaps Some Facts?

    After finishing her Masters in computer science from NYU, Max is transferring from the NYC office of iXL to the SF office.

    Morgan is going to the SF office of Quantum Leap to work there for awhile, though his projects are still out of the Chicago office.

    They both went to Columbia at the same time and were in the same frat, which is only as confusing or disturbing as you choose to make it.

    They survived a long roadtrip last year, stretching from New Orleans to NYC, beginning right after Mardi Gras. (Embarassingly, Morgan bought thank-you gifts for his hosts in New Orleans, items which have been sitting oin various dressers and tables since about March of '99. Sad. In additon, before the current westward trip began, there was a wedding gift sitting in Morgan's backseat from a wedding this just past July 4th weekend. Alan, if you and Jen happen to read this: it's a cake server.)

    While Max and Morgan didn't kill each other, it wasn't from intensity of conversation. Through Louisiana and most of Mississippi, the discussion stayed on the relatively benign level of story telling on friends, acquaintances, and enemies. By Tennessee, deep philosophical discussions about the nature of free will and religious belief were carried on in between rest stops.

    On some level, Max and Morgan may have been storing up deep thoughts since that trip, only to be unveiled for each other's assessment.

    Or they may talk about pizza and beer, and tourist traps for 3000 miles.

    It will probably depend on the quality of the tourist traps on the route. The bibliography lists the major resources consulted for the construction of the Daily Watch List.

    Corps of Discovery

    The two portraits above are of Meriwether Lewis and William Clark. Since Morgan is the one creating these web pages at the moment, he chose the melancholy-looking Lewis to be his stand-in. Also, Lewis was the one who was selected by then-President Thomas Jefferson (a fellow Virginian) to lead the expedition in 1804.

    That said, the redhead representing Miss Max was a total equal in leadership of the expedition. William Clark, the younger brother of the frontier hero George Rogers Clark. It is of interest that Clark was a notably cheery sort. Yet his older brother the hero spent his last days suffering in poverty because of the debt he incurred during the Revolutionary War. And Lewis ended his own life in 1809, when he was governor of the Louisiana territory, for reason I don't know.

    Morgan has been doing extensive research into the times of George Rogers Clark, for his current novel project, in which the ghost of George ROgers Clark is a minor character. This research lead naturally to reading about the younger Clark and his partner. One of the books Morgan is bringing along on the trip is Stephen Ambrose's Undaunted Courage, a biography of Lewis.

    In any case, it was this research that inspired some of the tone of this site.