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    '93 Ford Probe. Morgan bought the car used, from Bert Weinman Ford in Chicago. That it has a lot of packing room is the most enjoyable part about the car. Manual transmission.

    CD Player: Philips portable CD player.

    Sony Vaio laptop. Seems to be a growing standard among new media shops, which probably means the looks are selling it. But there are worse reasons to buy a computer.

    Nextel i2000 cell phone. It is from Quantum Leap, because Morgan expected not to have personal phone service for the time he was out in SF. That expectation is perhaps based on lousy Ameritech service in Chicago, but no matter. It's unlikely Morgan will figure out all the bells and whistles, beyond turning the power on, and the ringer off.

    Number: 312/ 296-8484

    D-link DSC-350 Digital Camera. In fact, up until the last moment, it was likely that either the Kodak DC-280 or the Olympus D460 would have been the cameras for this trip. But in the end, the radomness of a camera made by a networking company appelaed. The camera may end up being awful. But it's a much less expensive failure than any other camera would have been.

    If there are any kind of pictures on the Day Pages, then the camera worked to a level that you can judge for yourself.

    Update: I ended up getting a good deal on a Canon DC210 from Wolf Camera on Clybourne. So that's where the bulk of the images will be coming from.


    Blogger. Updates through a web-based template. All the main content areas on the index page are done through Blogger, and the Day Pages are archived versions.

    To use Blogger, Morgan set up a list of cyber cafes and Kinkos all across the route, just to see how mentally easy it is to do updates like this from the road.

    Other. You know, Photoshop, TextPad, HomeSite, WS_FTP, and photo software. On and on and on.

    ...Wednesday, September 13, 2000...
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