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Odometer Start
08:30 AM (MST): 1,1940 Miles

Starting City
Gilette, Wyoming

Odometer End
22:34 (MST): 1192 Miles

Crash Site
Gilette, Wyoming: Motel 6

Daily Donner Report
No one ate each other yesterday. (Morgan wondered whether beef jerky tastes like human skin.) Instead, Burger King for breakfast; Lunch at Wall Drug: salad/chicken sandwich; Buffalo burger with fries; Dairy Queen stop in Wall as well; diner after stopping Gilette: McDonalds, because Wendy's was closed. DAMN THEM!

Musical Selections

  • Old 97s: Fight Songs; Foo Fighters The Colour and the Shape; Berlioz, Symphonie Fantastique; Robbie Fulks: South Mouth.

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  • Monday, September 18, 2000

    ...posted at 0:00:00 AM...
    Notes from Monday:


    The time delay nature of this means Morgan has lost track of what was posted when and why. Not that it matters.

    Monday was more of a driving and scenery day than a monument day. We took off from Gilette, and pretty much drove from Gilette to Billings, Montana, where we hit the Your Place or Mine Internet Cafe. Nice guys in there, across from the high school.

    In Billings, we also got fast food lunch. And we got beer. Local beer, to add the Montana 6. Tempting to ask for Olympia, but we got something nice instead.

    Then: drive, drive, drive.

    We hit Bozeman, fiddled and diddled there.

    Max: "Bozeman is the small town people dream of when they dream about small towns."

    Then: drive, drive, drive.

    We hit Butte around 6. The Mining Museum was already closed, but the Berkeley Pit was open and creepy.

    Then to Missoula, weaving in the mountains.

    If it isn't clear by now, Monday was a scenery day. The pictures reflect that, and reflect the day.

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