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Odometer Start
9:00 AM (PST): 2,482 miles

Starting City
Winnemucca, Nevada

Odometer End
09:30 (PST): 2,475 Miles

Crash City
Winnemucca, Nevada

Daily Donner Report
No one ate each other yesterday. Breakfast: pancakes on the top of La Plume Mountain. Lunch: Fiddler's Cafe in Weiser, Idaho; Max had a chicken salad (chucks of chicken and bacon and other stuff over a bed of lettuce); Morgan had a bacon cheeseburger with fries. Dinner: back to fast food crap. Taco Bell gorditas and tacos. On the plus side, we were able to arm ourselves with sporks. Sporks are great for scaring Masons and aliens.

Musical Selections

  • Lucious Jackson: Electric Honey; AC/DC, Who Made Who?, Highway to Hell, Ballbreaker; Rolling Stones: Hot Rocks; Buckwheat Zydeco to drive off the aliens!; Robbie Fulks, South Mouth.

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    Notes from Thursday:


    And now this post this morning. Reno awaits! 300 miles to go today! Piece of cake! ...posted later...

    We arrive in Reno in lovely time, almost too fast. We check into the Atlantis Hotel, look at the Hawaii Pimp suites, and both decide to nap like bastards.

    Later, we will go out and get beer, books, and the boy. Spingo's flight arrives in Reno at 6:30.

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