Kennedy-Hobaica Wedding
Utica, NY
October 2 - 3 2K04

Ground Rules:
1. If you like the pic, I have larger versions. So just ask, if you want a desktop background, or something to print.
2. If you don't like the way you look in a pic, yell and I'll take it down.
3. I also have more pix, though many are junk.

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The Harem Shot. Joey appears to be
taking this worship as his due.
Weirdly, this is the only good picture I
have of Joey and Mattie together.

Another Harem shot, with expanded leg.

Dean Martin? Lightweight
Joey X? The real thing. Or at least a model of it.
Check out the spiffy wedding band!

Jack and Farai discuss the state of the world.

Clive, Emily, and their Armoire Love Child.

The Armoire, abandoned to the clutches of these evil men.

Kicked out of the Lamplighter Bar at 2AM, we contemplate other action.

What other possible option could there be, but Denny's?
Jack, a wise man, went to bed instead.

From Denny's some of us brought Cheese Fries back to
the Bride and Groom in the George Pataki Suite.

The next morning, surprisingly early, at the Hobaica homestead.


Clive said this would be the kind of shot the NY Times
would use on Fourth of July weekend:
"Ms. Senft said that she had a beef with hotdogs..." etc., etc.

I choose not to explain why Bea is returning socks to me.
Yet I choose to show the shot, anyway.

And that's it.