Kennedy-Hobaica Wedding
Utica, NY
October 2 - 3 2K04

Ground Rules:
1. If you like the pic, I have larger versions. So just ask, if you want a desktop background, or something to print.
2. If you don't like the way you look in a pic, yell and I'll take it down.
3. I also have more pix, though many are junk.

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Pre-Reception Fun.

During this interlude, there was much
discussion of Terri Senft's cleavage.
Though not by these fine folks

Marla is one of the many people who are hard
to capture during long exposures. Never, never still.

Outside "Kitty's on the Canal", after the rain went away..

The first dance. And while I have some other
pictures from the reception, they all suck.

Clive, captured by a short flash, is explaining to
Bridesmaid Michelle the concept of "hurling".

All thanks to LisaGo for the use of her lavish suite.

Much relaxation was had.



This feels like a still from a Nixon documentary

This was taken specifically for Clive, because his Nice Lady looks nice.

And doesn't Clive look pleased?

I think Max was scratching Jack's hip to get him to demonstrate how happy his dog Soleil looks when her hip is rubbed.

Emily: Master of the Disco Nap.