Noel Childs
“Ol’ Feisty”

Art Director, HALO jumper & Sous-Chef
“Knows the limits of the visible.”


1) When young bluesmen find a crossroads under the swaying branches of a dead oak tree, the laughing man they meet to set the bargain is Noel. When old bluesmen return to the crossroads to try and renege on the deal, the scowling man they meet is Noel. Whenever he appears in a room, the haunting melody of a zither flickers in your ears. Who is he? What does he want? These are questions only the dead can answer.

2) On the top 25 Belgian Most Popular List of Ne'er-do-wells, Noel left his 8-year existence as a subsistence farmer to take a prestigious position last year as Vice-Chairman of Specified Natural Growth Relations at the UN. Described as the "Jane Goodall of the Design industry", he currently develops brand and identity systems, websites and interactive environments that inspire, delight and sometimes nauseate. Last seen living in a castle he built with his bare hands on the Prime Meridien, he awaits every dawning day with a newly-created song of joy.



Collaborative Serial
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> Gabe
> Morgan

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> The Basque
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> Jacob Nelson

> The Rasta Lions
> The Hat Squad
> JCN, Inc.
> HeartCorp

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