Morgan Noel
“Ol’ Swampy”

Writer, Henchman & Organ Monger
“Knows the extent of the tragic.”



1) It was his ears, they all said. Some people can spot danger, some can smell it, but no one could hear it like Morgan could. When the mob came storming through the woods, his cabin would be empty, with only the faintest trace that he had ever lived there remaining. A single sock, a disposable contact lens. No more. No more.

2) Morgan has spent years fleeing higher authorities, the kind that are usually explained as "swamp gas" or "weather balloons". Once the saucer crashed, over a decade ago, he changed his name (from Whitley Streiber) and started working in new media. While tasks such as crafting fine copy, creating high level user strategies, building detailed information architectures, and managing complex projects may have satisfied clients like IBM and Payless ShoeSource, it did nothing to ward off the danger that he knew would come once the aliens penetrated his disguise.

So please don't mention this bio to anyone wearing a black suit who drops out of the sky in an unmarked helicopter. Thanks!



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