Gabe Usadel
“Ol’ Pinchy”

Artist, Lover & Fighter
“Knows the lines of the universal.”



1) When Gabe walks down the street, both the strong and weak quake like saplings in a hurricane. He uses kegs for dixie cups, trucks for toys. His bellow can awaken the demons who lurk at the center of earth, waiting for their chance. His whisper can soothe nuns who doubt their faith. From his fingers spring flowers and gumdrops fall from his toes. He will be sacrificed, as all such men must.

2) Best known for his creation of the Ultra Multi Vitamin Man, Gabe Usadel has been genetically engineering human beings to look like his drawings for many years now. The rampage of the Ultra Multi Vitamin Man at Busch Gardens was far exaggerated by the media, since no one was actually hurt (depending on your definition of the growth of extra limbs). However, Gabe is very sorry and promises he won't tinker with the building blocks of humanity again, except where it serves the need of a client.



Collaborative Serial
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