The Rasta Lions



The Rasta Lions are an anarchist group who profess to follow the Rasta religion, but their actual founder, a man named Mac Andal, changed some of the teachings because of the death of Haile Selassie. Mac Andal took inspiration from revolutionaries such as Thomas Paine, Che Guevara, and Toussaint L'Ouverture.

After Mac Andal's detah in a skirmish with a REaCT squad working for JCN, Inc., a variety of leaders struggled for years for control over the

Lions. Recently, Jacob Nelson finally united the Lions under his leadership, though no one knows how long that will last.

The Rasta Lions are one of the biggest anarchist groups in Menda City, and they make a great deal of their cash hiring out their services in Security and "Egress Management" (bouncing). Their current leader, Jacob Nelson, clearly has bigger things in mind.



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