JCN, Inc.



JCN is one of the two largest megacorporations headquartered in Menda City. They started out as a technology company, but eventually they began to engulf other businesses in the interests of profits, patents, or power. As of now, JCN's biggest holding are in energy, especially oil and gas.

Employees of JCN are commonly referred to as "Drones" in the anarchist samizdats, and the JCN Tower, a skyscraper looming over the South Fork of the Meandre River, is usually referred to as "The Black Tower".

JCN is most hated for their active use of

REaCT squads as security and enforcement against the citizens of Menda City. When corporate Vice Presidents go to the JCN Arena to see the Menda City Bombers play, they are usually accompanied by a squad of REaCT troopers, who are alert for any kind opf protest against the JCN elite.

JCN is also hated among Menda City corpoations for their willingness to go to extremes in their Busines Development Department. JCN BizDev reverse engineers, kidnaps, intimidates, and buys anything it can to make sure JCN retaions its financial dominance.



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