The Hat Squad



The Menda City Police Departmentis split into three warring groups. About a third is paid off by the various megacorps. From overlooking minor offences by young execs, to losing evidence about major crimes, this groups perverts the legal system at every turn.

The majority of the rest of the cops do their job and try to keep their heads down.

Then there's The Hat Squad.

They are a minority within the PD dedicated to fighting the justice-twisting influence of the megacorps. They are run by Captain of Detectives F.X. Lynch, known as
"Clout" to friends and enemies alike who have seen him work the political system in Menda City. The Hat Squad.

Lynch gave the group their name for two reasons. The original Hat Squad was a group of Los Angeles cops who beat up members of the mob who tried to move operations into LA. Lynch was amused at the idea of using the name for a group of cops opposing corporate thuggery instead of mobsters.

The other reason is that Lynch mainly recruits members from ethnic groups who are used to revolution against established authority: Irish, Cubans, Basque, and others. The Hat Squad has adopted the beret as their symbol, wearing it instead of the traditional police hat.



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