Collaborative Serial


Using Flash, digital audio, and other forms of multimedia to support a high level of storytelling, design and graphics, Exquisite Corpse is designed to appeal to people who want to explore an alternate universe -- or just see what happens in it -- at any bandwidth.

The audience can enjoy Exquisite Corpse chapters as traditional linear stories, just like comic books or movies. But they can also have the ability to participate, either in the EC online community, or as role-players who help determine the path of the story itself.

In an anarchic alternate future, mega-corporations vie with the government and rebel gangs for ultimate control. Our protagonist Viz, his memory destroyed, is thrown in the middle of the warring packs. Will the secrets that hide in his mind help to save Menda City -- or conquer it?


Collaborative Serial
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Core Team
> Noel
> Gabe
> Morgan

> Viz
> The Basque
> IA
> Jacob Nelson

> The Rasta Lions
> The Hat Squad
> JCN, Inc.
> HeartCorp

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