The Basque



"The Basque" is the nickname for Zigor Balendin, a detective in Menda City's Police Department. There may be other cops of Basque descent in the Menda City PD, but Zigor is an immigrant from Spanish Basqueland.

It is unknown, except to a few people, why Zigor fled Basqueland, but it generally believed he was a member of Haika, a Basque revolutionary group. Zigor is also a member of the vaguely secret society The Hat Squad.

Whatever may have been the reason

he fled Basqueland, he is known as a tireless enemy of the megacorps. There are better detectives in the Hat Squad—cops who are stronger, more brutal, smarter than Zigor. but there is not one more relentless in his ability to cause trouble to the megacorps.

Whenever Capt. F.X. Lynch—founder of The Hat Squad—has a case he thinks will cause any megacorp the maximum possible trouble, Zigor is the detective he assigns.



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