Jacob Nelson



Jacob Nelson is the leader of the Rasta Lions, an anarchist group in Menda City dedicated (among other things) to breaking the control of the megacorps on people's lives.

Jacob is certainly a bad-ass, proved by the fact he's leading one of the biggest anarchist groups in Menda City at an extremely young age (25). But Jacob, unlike leaders before him, has a vision for what Menda City will become after the megacorps are brought under control. To him, that's the simple difference between a terrorist and a revolutionary: vision.

Warrior. Leader. Philosopher. Visionary.

And he sees something valuable in Viz. Maybe it's just the informaiton hidden inside Viz's head, but Jacob is interested enough in the spiritual side of people to be curious in what Viz might grow to become, with a clean mental slate to start from.




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