Day Eight, Part Two:
In Which the tengus Deliver Things to Be Burned with the Man -- Including Soul Contracts and Business Cards -- Before Lounging Around in the Burning Heat, Eventually Leading to Dressing Up to Go See the Burn (with a Quick Nighttime Reappearance by "Jack Taylor, Art Lover")...

(Warning: Heavy Fucking Page)


Day One (Saturday): Packing and Travel
Day Two (Sunday): Construction
Day Three (Monday): Settling In and Exploration
Day Four (Tuesday): I Neglect to Take Pix
Day Five (Wednesday): The Neglect Continues
Day Six (Thursday): Light Pollution
Day Seven (Friday): Dehydration and Dust
Day Eight, Part One (Saturday): Jack Taylor, Art Lover
Day Eight, Part Two (Saturday): Burning Things
Day Nine (Sunday): Final Dispositions