Burning Man
Black Rock City, NV
August 24 - 31 2K03

Day Eight, Part Two:
In Which We Dress Up, Butch UP, and Belly Up to the Metaphysical Bar of Existence and Its Burning Bartender...

Day One (Saturday): Arrival
Day Two (Sunday): Burnin' & Bikin'
Day Three, Part One (Monday): All God's Chillun Must RISE UP
Day Three, Part Two (Monday): All God's Chillun Must WALK OUT
Day Four (Tuesday): Children of the Night
Day Five (Wednesday): Pork, Prom, and Pee
Day Six (Thursday): Platonic Form
Day Seven (Friday): Neighbors
Day Eight, Part One (Saturday): Jack Taylor, Art Lover (v 2.0)
Day Eight, Part Two (Saturday): Burning Things (v 2.0)
Day Nine (Sunday): Shake the Sand Off

What AM I going to wear tonight?

I don't think that dress even FITS me anymore.


Wait. Yes, it does.



Joey works on his "Keep on Truckin'" pose. (This is ALSO Chekhovian foreshadowing.)




Jack in the cheerleader outfit, fine. But with the toolbelt on, it's just incredibly Gay Hardware.


Soon, this wedding dress would burn on the fire from the Man.


Imagine it burning yourself, since I got no pictures of that fire.


The stage.

Richard spent the night on the deck of La Contessa, one of the grand ships of the playa. His photos of the night are elsewhere.


Haunted Fezzim.

Unhaunted Fezzim.

Mattie has seen it all, man. Don't even try.

The liminal lounge on burn night.


BACK, L-R: Jack, Morgan, Margaret Mk. 2, Dr. Cheesy, Cactus (PhD), Nicola, Kadrey, Todd, Lisa, Guest #1, Guest #2, Margaret (Original Flavor), Carl, Zorca, Farai.

FRONT, L-R: Matt, Mattie, Joey X, Lessley, Raya.

Those yellow and red lights are the El wire on the back
of Dr. Cheesy and Farai, as they walk toward the Man.


Crazy, Man.


More Man. Less psycho lighting.

I still have no idea what this creepy lil' guy on the right came from, or was supposed to be.

But that's the foreshadowing of Joey's Keep On Truckin' pose. The Creepy Lil' Man had a similar pose.