Burning Man
Black Rock City, NV
August 24 - 31 2K03

Day Eight, Part One:
In Which We Experience the Long-Awaited Return of Jack Taylor, Art Lover...

Day One (Saturday): Arrival
Day Two (Sunday): Burnin' & Bikin'
Day Three, Part One (Monday): All God's Chillun Must RISE UP
Day Three, Part Two (Monday): All God's Chillun Must WALK OUT
Day Four (Tuesday): Children of the Night
Day Five (Wednesday): Pork, Prom, and Pee
Day Six (Thursday): Platonic Form
Day Seven (Friday): Neighbors
Day Eight, Part One (Saturday): Jack Taylor, Art Lover (v 2.0)
Day Eight, Part Two (Saturday): Burning Things (v 2.0)
Day Nine (Sunday): Shake the Sand Off

"Pancho, this is a hand! It points to the sky!"

"Does it serve La Revolucion, Cisco?"


"Then we ride!"

"Look, Pancho! Stuff!"

"I see, Cisco. And do you know what we do now?"

"Si! We ride!"


"You see, Pancho! They mock Le Capitalisme!"

"Fascinating, Cisco."

"Not really, Pancho."

"Then we ride!"


"It is a pink tunnel, Pancho."

"It makes me think funny thoughts, Cisco."

"About La Revolucion, Pancho?

"No, Cisco."

"Then we ride!"


"Pancho, if this piece is titled "DIY Messiah" then we begin the revolutionary cutting of the throats right here."


"I have no commentary, Pancho!"

"Then we ride!"


"It would be more interesting if on top of the sticks, there were the heads of the counterinsurgency."

"Yes, Cicso. I will note that down."

"We ride!"


"Pancho, the Playa needs more interactive sound art."


"I mean: Viva La Revolucion!"


"The chandelier, she is fallen. And get up, she cannot."

"It is sorrowful, Cisco, like with Che."

"Si." (sob)


"I like the bright things, Pancho. They make me forget La Revolucion for a moment."

"And after that moment, Cisco?"

"We ride!"

"Stinkin' capitalists, yes. But they make some cool big shit, Pancho."

"Tu as raison, Cisco."


"I mean: Viva La Revolucion!"

"We ride!"

The NYC Terlet Project.

"Shall we crawl through, Pancho?"

"I think not, Cisco."

"Then we ride!"

Jack Taylor, Art Lover was so inspired by the NYC Terlet that he decided to create some art of his very own.

(Bang! The metaphorical mantlepiece gun has been fired! It is a funny ha-ha punchline payoff! It is to laugh, even if I have to pay you a dollar per guffaw.)

"I see the Temple through the dust, Pancho. Endure!"

"I will, Cisco!"

"The dust comes in, Pancho. Like a corrupt Policia diving onto a bribe, the dust comes for us!"

"Er, Cisco, are you OK?"


Jack Taylor stares out at the hovering eyes, which stare back at him. However, no pair of art eyes can outstare an art lover.

"Pancho, she's going for La Pistola!"

"Shoot, Cisco, shoot!"

"Pancho, it may not be art, but it certainly looks relaxing."

"What do we do, Cisco?"

"We lounge!"


And, following the convention of last year, the final shot of Jack Taylor, Art Lover is of Jack with a lovely Canadian. In this case, a Wiccan neighbor dressed in a cat suit. Hurrah!


Viva El Art!

Viva La Revolucion!

We ride!

Cisco and Pancho.