Burning Man
Black Rock City, NV
August 24 - 31 2K03

Day Five:
In Which We Experience Pork Loin, Prom Night, and More Playa Pee...

Day One (Saturday): Arrival
Day Two (Sunday): Burnin' & Bikin'
Day Three, Part One (Monday): All God's Chillun Must RISE UP
Day Three, Part Two (Monday): All God's Chillun Must WALK OUT
Day Four (Tuesday): Children of the Night
Day Five (Wednesday): Pork, Prom, and Pee
Day Six (Thursday): Platonic Form
Day Seven (Friday): Neighbors
Day Eight, Part One (Saturday): Jack Taylor, Art Lover (v 2.0)
Day Eight, Part Two (Saturday): Burning Things (v 2.0)
Day Nine (Sunday): Shake the Sand Off


I believe I looked at a map approximately 6 times all week, and not once to find anything. I pay attention to north during the day, the constellations at night, and fuck the maps.

However, I would like to point out that this year we had hammocks. Hammocks are nice.


Jack Taylor, Grillmaster.


This was some kind of stinkin' art shot. Really, don't you prefer looking at the loin on the left?


Another lounge shot, for the scrapbook.


Prom Night!

Don't we all look nice?

This is one of my favorite pix of the whole week, and I didn't even take it. It was snapped by Jen, Our Canadian Wiccan Neighbor.

BACK, L-R: Jack, Matt, Zorca, Carl, Raya, Dr. Cheesy, Lisa, Morgan, Lessley, Cactus, Tom, Margaret Mk. 2.

FRONT, L-R: Mattie, Joey X.

The whole Prom thing fell apart, which meant people split up in search of burning things, and nitrous tanks, and divers diversions. Jack, Margaret Mk. 2, and I all headed off toward the Man, only to be caught in a short whiteout.

These are bicyclists dragging flame throwers, riding out of the dust storm toward the Man.


A respite between bouts of dust.


What more can one say after these words?

"Life Size Rock'Em Sock'Em Robots."


The Temple at about 2AM.

Playa Pee, around 4:30 AM.

OK, there was actually another shot of Playa Pee this morning, but then it struck me:
shouldn't these Playa Pee Pix have some connection to the Beyond Belief theme?

So I pissed my own subject for this shot. I called it Playa Piss Christ Cross.

Man, bourbon kills brain cells dead. Real dead.

Needless to say, this was the last Playa Pee Pic.


liminal lounging at dusk.