Burning Man
Black Rock City, NV
August 24 - 31 2K03

Day Three, Part 2:
In Which More Walking is Done Amongst Pretty Things...

Day One (Saturday): Arrival
Day Two (Sunday): Burnin' & Bikin'
Day Three, Part One (Monday): All God's Chillun Must RISE UP
Day Three, Part Two (Monday): All God's Chillun Must WALK OUT
Day Four (Tuesday): Children of the Night
Day Five (Wednesday): Pork, Prom, and Pee
Day Six (Thursday): Platonic Form
Day Seven (Friday): Neighbors
Day Eight, Part One (Saturday): Jack Taylor, Art Lover (v 2.0)
Day Eight, Part Two (Saturday): Burning Things (v 2.0)
Day Nine (Sunday): Shake the Sand Off


That thar's a pretty sunset.


Suzanne brings light to death, with the help of Jonathan & Matthew, as well as Thomas Alva Edison & Nikola Tesla.

Pretty, pretty pretty.


While I certainly have altered other pix on these pages, this pic is entirely unaltered. Yes, that's right: Jack's throat is glowing!

Also unaltered. Caius has a few too many electrolytes in that water.

Heading off into the night.


Fire dancers around the Forge. The Forge put out a shitload of smoke whenever it fired up.


People lining up to walk through the center of the Forge. Yes, it was hot. No, it didn't burn away any sins or inhibitions.


Where to next?

Dr. Cheesy studies Sort-Of Chulily.

Temple construction at night.


Shadows in the Temple.

I'm pretty sure that's a shadow, not a crank. But who knows at 2AM?


A Pan o' Rama of the liminal lounge during the day.