Burning Man
Black Rock City, NV
August 24 - 31 2K03

Day Two:
In Which 24 hours Passes Between Pix, Hot Poppers Scourge Many Tongues, and Sights are Seen at Night...

Day One (Saturday): Arrival
Day Two (Sunday): Burnin' & Bikin'
Day Three, Part One (Monday): All God's Chillun Must RISE UP
Day Three, Part Two (Monday): All God's Chillun Must WALK OUT
Day Four (Tuesday): Children of the Night
Day Five (Wednesday): Pork, Prom, and Pee
Day Six (Thursday): Platonic Form
Day Seven (Friday): Neighbors
Day Eight, Part One (Saturday): Jack Taylor, Art Lover (v 2.0)
Day Eight, Part Two (Saturday): Burning Things (v 2.0)
Day Nine (Sunday): Shake the Sand Off


It may not be clear in this pic, but jalapeno poppers have been distirbuted, and they have laughed in the face of the tears that streamed down our faces.

Something like that, anyway.

Let that be a lesson to us all: don't soak peppers too much.

Weird trivia: the last picture of Saturday was taken at 7:06 PM. The first pic of Sunday was taken at 7:06 PM! And my first photography teacher was named Lovecraft! Eeek! Shocking!

That is 7:06 PM, CST, btw, not Playa time.

He looks calm, but inside, Matt's palate is screaming, "My god! I confess! Just make it stop!"

This is a large fuckin' person made out of metal. It symbolizes helpless wagon train passengers, who trekked their way across the desert in search of great wealth and rich land, only to find sand and stagecoach outlaws. Sad, innit?

In this pic, Lisa has mastered the "what the fuck is that?" look, which is essential to any Burning Man experience.

Construction of the Temple.

Big fuckin' blue thing..

I SAID: big fuckin' blue thing! Get back!

Spot the Freak!
That's right, a trick question. The freak in this pic is actually that woman climbing the stairs in the backlground. She was very odd.

"And then I sez, I sez, you betta just backthefuckUP, motherfucker! That's what I said."

The Kraken, blowing flame.

That's Nicola, visible past the spinning kinesthescope (sp.) at Camp Bollywood.

Bikin' on the Playa. The pink thing in the left corner is the top of the Ziploc bag I carry my camera in on the Playa. To keep the sand away. Hahahahahaha. "Keep the sand away." Priceless!